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Customer - The Online Series
Segments 1-

Welcome to the home page for the Dead Moose, Inc. online series "Customer". This series has no set goal (whether it be a short-lived series or edited into a feature-length film), and every scene is written, filmed, edited and released on the fly. Each scene connects from the last, linking characters from previous scenes. Some may connect from characters from 3 scenes before. Crew members can write segments in, but will be subject to being approved by the director.


Throughout, due to the limited space, new websites will be created every few segments or so.
This is site number one. Start watching the series from here.

2006/08/11- Segments 1-3 now on Google Video.
2006/08/09- Segment 4 Posted- The first segment in over a year, and is quite the contrast to the cynical tone the first ones possessed (that change in tone is temporary, provided the series continues), and was entirely improvised by the actors as we shot it. It is not directly available for download, as I believe services like YouTube, Google Video and Vimeo have made video hosting far more convenient than a year ago, so there is no longer a need to post directly on the Tripod site.
It's coming soon on YouTube. For now, enjoy on Vimeo.
2005/07/18- Segment 3 Posted- This one actually happened quite spontaneously, and in true "Customer" spirit- the concept for this segment improvised on the spot by Aniket (not pre-planned), and being filmed using spare time. (we had a whole 30 minutes left after we finished our filming session for "Mutants"- most of that time was actually spent rescuing a little ducky! (see my new filmmaker's blog,
2005/06/24- Segment 2 Posted- Posted before noon, the second segment might be slightly harder to hear (and has a little goof in the writing of the dialogue itself... see if you can't spot it), but is shorter than the first one.
There are at least two more segments written and planned.
2005/06/24- Segment 1 Posted- Yes, posting this after midnight, the first episode is in the Downloads section, in Windows Media format. (the format was decided over Quicktime on account of space, and quality- Quicktime is the winner in higher bitrate video, but it looks like crap in lower bitrates, whilst WMV presents a more acceptable picture) Expect the second episode later today.

Check for more segments soon.

(c) 2005 Dead Moose, Inc.